We are fortunate to have had great grandparents, grandparents and parents who recognized the value of the agricultural way of life. Cattle are rotated seasonally on Range Management Units and on an open range of the Chuska Mountains

The Litson Ranch started with seven (7) heads of Herefords. As years passed, our visionary father, Bennie Litson, introduced several different breeds from Brahma and then crossed over to Limousin. Today, our cattle comprise of Limousin cows bred to Black Angus. Replacement heifers are Limousin crossed with Black Angus.

As daughters of a visionary Diné Rancher, we are venturing out into new market options that our children can continue to experience this way of life in modern society. We are obligated to ensure our children experience the same or better opportunities. As we secure the ranch, our exploration of new market opportunities and localizing our foods are important!